Welcome to Mums Restaurant

At MUMS we believe ‘gourmet’ can and should be for everyone, it doesn’t have to be all ‘poncey’ and value prices should never be an excuse to use inferior ingredients or to serve up microscopic portions, we know you know better and so do we.


At MUMS we continually strive to bring you the best we can from our ingredients, to small batch beers to our new candy suppliers. Everything we use is from(wherever possible) locally sourced suppliers, small businesses who, just like MUMS, take a pride in the production and quality of ingredients they use, that’s why all our sausages are gluten free and nothing but pure meat, our Wagyu is from the largest full-blood Wagyu cattle herd in the country, our beers are from some of the finest small batch producers in the world.

MUMS will keep on searching for the best suppliers, the best ingredients and the best deals so that we can bring our guests the best of everything.

Good food, good people, good times.