MUMS actually began life back in July 2002 as the Monster Mash Café  but in July 2010 we said goodbye to our old protégé and became MUMS  Great Comfort Food.  We’ve come a long way since our beginnings in  2002, but the original ethos of MMC still applies, top nosh at half the  cost, it just got better. 

 At MUMS we believe ‘gourmet’ can and should be for everyone, it  doesn’t have to be all ‘poncey’ and value prices should never be an  excuse to use inferior ingredients or to serve up microscopic portions,  we know you know better and so do we.   

For your delectation, we go to great lengths to source some of the best producers this country has to offer.  We start locally and if we can’t find a local supplier we throw our net further until we find what we are looking for. 

Yes, ‘gourmet’ should be accessible to everyone, in fact we feel it’s each individuals right to experience great, well made food at great, non-bankrupting, prices and it’s your right to have great service too!  They say, you can’t have your cake and eat it – we disagree, at MUMS you can have it all.