Popping round to MUMS is never a problem my lovely, you don’t have to make a reservation but if you do, please call the team on : 0131 260 9806 

Remember we do not take reservations for parties of 4 people or lessso just drop by. 



Please note that MUMS unable to accept reservations during August, we do appreciate this can be frustrating, however we felt this was the fairest option for everyone to get a chance to enjoy MUMS, because for those people who are upset that we don't take reservations, there are an equal number that get upset because we do, (which goes to show you can never win!) 

But remember, don't stress dear if you can't make a booking, MUMS always going to make space for you, and even if there's a slight wait - we promise, MUMS always entertaining (especially after a few gins!) 


We do encourage all our customers to telephone for reservations as we love to chat to you, however if you want to make an advance booking, have a large group booking enquiry or have any other MUMS related question or feedback,

please do drop us a line at:  

You’ve probably got the message by now, we pride ourselves on giving all our guests 110%, but we’re only human and occasionally things go wrong, should there ever be a time you feel you have received less than 110% (for whatever the reason) please allow us the opportunity to put things right.  Let your server know there is a problem or if you prefer you can email us at