Well as you know sausages are a bit of a thing with us, so it wasn’t enough to have a great sausage supplier we had to have the best sausage supplier and so MUMS sausages are supplied, exclusively, by O'Hagans - a family run business that was the first specialist fresh sausage shop in the world and winner of the best sausage maker award.

A producer who provides MUMS daily with handcrafted sausages using the finest fresh ingredients and absolutely no mechanically recovered meat, genetically modified ingredients, colourings, preservatives or any other nasty stuff! And as if all that's not enough, they supply MUMS with some of the most exciting and unique flavours you're going to find anywhere


MUMS Wagyu is made from Wagyu beef from Earl Stonham Farms, Suffolk (the UK’s only producer of pure bred Wagyu beef).

Earl Stonham Farm is set in the rolling fields of Suffolk and includes 450 acres of pasture and 150 acres of arable crops. They believe in traditional farming methods to produce meat the way it should taste, with minimal use of chemical fertilisers & herbicides

The farm is a work of passion and Earl Stonham try constantly to improve both the landscape and the food produced.

There is no other pure bred Wagyu in the country, anything else is crossed with either Angus or, mainly, Holstein dairy cattle. Even the imported Wagyu, which can be up to 4 months old, is mostly Angus cross. All this is why Earl Stonham Wagyu beef is different and very special, but the only test that means anything is how it tastes. At MUMS we add nothing but 7gms of salt per kg and fry the Wagyu in its own fat. The rest is up to you, Wagyu is best enjoyed as rare as you dare.

Wagyu is melt-in-the mouth stuff with a very pleasing after-taste, with hints of caramel and vanilla it is quite possibly one of the best damn things you will ever eat!


According to Hunter S Thompson, ‘great people, drink great beer’ and with this in mind we continually seek out new (local and country wide) small batch beer & cider producers of the highest calibre.


Tempest, an independent brewing company located in Kelso, this is ‘small batch’ brewing exactly as God intended. A work of love indeed, Tempest are artisans and have provided us with such inspirations as Caligula and the Mocha Porter over the last few months. Always limited in numbers, and exclusively supplied to MUMS, these beers are seasonal so check with your server to see what’s the latest offering from Tempest. Taste these beers and understand what ‘small batch’ truly means.


Thistly Cross Cider, Scotland’s award winning farmhouse Cider is a joy to drink and born from a passion to create some of the finest produce Scotland has to offer, from pressing the apples and fermenting with the finest blend of Champagne yeasts, to maturing the cider for no less than 5 months to achieve that rounded, smooth Thistly Cross taste. Thistly have the highest standards and compromise nothing for the taste that makes their Cider so deliciously unique, not to mention what a joyous companion it is to our sausages


One of our newest and most popular producers, Knops Beer Company are from Edinburgh and there desire to explore the rich heritage and variety that beer has to offer has resulted in producing incredibly unique and individual beers that appeal to all levels, from the experienced ale drinker to those who have never been lucky enough to discover the range and depth of small batch brewing.