Gluten Free?  

MUMS sausages are 100% meat, no rusk, which means, they are gluten free (occasionally oats are used to bind some finer meats - but that's all) 

Our breakfast sausage is not suitable for a gluten free diet – however, please feel free to ask you server for an alternative gluten free choice. 

MUMS Kitchen does not use modified starches, the addition of salt is monitored and the use of colourings and E numbers is restricted. 

MUMS always happy to assist any guest as much as they can with any dietary request, so please feel free to ask your server should you require any help or email us: 

'EXCUSE ME WAITER, MY SAUSAGE LOOKS PINKISH' Ah, yes indeed dear customer, at MUMS a pink sausage is the sign of a quality banger! Let us explain why. Sausages have always been regarded by many as the 'bin-end' of the butchery world, whatever was not sold was shoved into a sausage, mechanically recovered meat, genetically modified ingredients, colourings, preservatives and additives - yuk!

MUMS sausages are handcrafted daily by O'Hagans using only the finest fresh ingredients and none of the stuff mentioned above. One of the biggest fillers in sausages is rusk (or breadcrumbs) and what happens when you toast bread - it goes brown. Which is why your sausage turns brown, it's not the colour of cooked perfection - it's just browned breadcrumbs! MUMS sausages are 100% meat, so, at MUMS a pinkish sausage means quality - so, never fear, eat hearty and be merry (but if you get a pink sausage in any other establishment, we suggest you consider sending it back!)