In conjunction with our already high health & hygiene standards our team have all been trained in compliance with current Scottish Guidelines regarding precautions against COVID 19.  In addition MUMS Great Comfort Food utilises the STERI-7 Biosecurity Fogging System throughout our premises, (, which is currently the only fogging system that can be utilised by the restaurant industry.  The STERI-7 fogging system comes with an Intelligent Reactive Barrier Technology that stays active on all surfaces up to 72 hours & thus giving our guests and our team continuous protection even between cleans.


Until we are advised otherwise by the Scottish Government, MUMS Great Comfort Food will still be obliged to request our guests to submit contact details in order to aid tracking & traceability.  These details will be held securely & destroyed after 4 weeks as per current guidelines.  Masks are a mandatory requirement for both our guests and our team (both back & front of house).  Hand Sanitisers must also be utilised where indicated.